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After successful trials in hospitals HEAR EAR has been ordered by the Royal Liverpool Hospital RLBUHT and will be rolled out across the whole Trust very soon.

They have recognised the benefits to both staff and patients when the loss of hearing aids will no longer be a problem to them.

As an educating tool HEAR EAR worn visibly informs all members of staff that the patient wears a hearing aid and due diligence should be carried out to easily and quickly locate the device if it is dislodged.

Communication is improved when the patient can engage with members of staff who talk to them face to face and not from a distance which avoids any misinterpretation in delivery of care and cups of tea - with or without sugar.

Losing a hearing aid is not only a Financial Cost but the cost to a patient is : Isolation, Anxiety, Frustration, Depression and Social Exclusion. It is recognised that having a hearing impairment may progress dementia more quickly. They are returned to a Silent, Lonely World.

I need help to introduce HEAR EAR to all NHS Trusts and would welcome introduction to Procurement Departments. Please contact me :info@hearear.co.uk or 03300 88 4694

NHS Trusts cannot afford unnecessary expenditure when a simple, inexpensive securing clip HEAR EAR would be the SOLUTION to the PROBLEM of LOST HEARING AIDS.