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HEAR EAR is now approved as an accessory for hearing aids by the NHS and I am looking forward to bringing the device to their procurement. I am contacting distributors who are on the NHS Framework as my route into the market.

HEAR EAR recently trialled on hospital wards has received excellent feedback from medical staff as it enabled them to be aware of a patient's hearing impairment. Communication and interaction were improved when face to face conversations took place. The outcome was positive all round because staff were not wasting time looking for hearing aids lost in bedding and treatment programmes were explained to the patient who was involved in decision making when they could hear any future care pathway.

The replacement cost of NHS hearing aids continues to escalate and compensation paid for private hearing aids lost in hospitals is an expense that can be avoided because HEAR EAR provides the solution.

I would welcome any personal experiences of losing a hearing aid and the impact it has had on the well-being of the person. Please email to info@hearear.co.uk