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Save Valuable Resources In Your Audiology Department And Hospitals With Hear Ear®

When an NHS hearing aid is lost or damaged the cost of replacing the device is absorbed by the NHS Trust that issued the hearing aid. If it was commonplace for the Hear Ear® securing device to be supplied with each hearing aid issued, it would undoubtedly save considerable resources which could then be utilised more effectively within other departments.

Research of expenditure in the audiology department of a local hospital shows that in 2012/2013 almost 1.7% of patients who had been issued with a NHS Trust hearing aid device had lost or damaged their hearing aid, requiring a replacement at a minimum cost of £68 per unit to the issuing trust. Of course, this does not take into account the extra costs associated with arranging a fitting appointment and labour costs for audiology department staff etc.

When every factor has been considered and accounted for the cost, of a single patient losing their hearing aid, to government funded healthcare associations, actually runs much deeper than the initial cost of replacing a lost or damaged hearing aid.

With ever tightening budgets government funded bodies must be increasingly proactive in reducing the running costs of the organisation, therefore freeing up capital that is much needed within other areas of all audiology departments in hospitals not only here in the United Kingdom but also Europe and the rest of the world.

If we take the figures gained from our market research in one local CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) and then apply it to all 211 CCG’s in England and Wales (most of which have an audiology department,) then the benefits of the Hear Ear® Hearing Aid Securing device by far outweigh the costs, effectively guaranteeing massive savings to all trusts who supply the Hear Ear® as a cost saving initiative to the vulnerable patients who are issued with a state funded hearing aid.

In short, we feel that the Hear Ear® behind the ear (BTE) hearing aid accessory is the perfect solution for this costly problem to hospitals and audiology departments both private and state run across the world.

Hearing Aid Manufacturers

Do you own or represent a hearing aid manufacturing company? If so, then the Hear Ear® hearing aid securing clip is the perfect accessory for your company’s behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids. Please contact: info@hearear.co.uk or Tel: 03300 88 4694