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How To Stop Losing Your Hearing Aid?

The simple answer is to purchase one of our cost effective hearing aid securing clips.

Hear Ear® hearing aid safety device has undergone rigorous and robust testing in a wide variety of scenarios.

They include:

Residential and Nursing care homes tried the Hear Ear®

Where residents who have dementia or who are not able to manage their own personal care continually remove their hearing aid and do not remember where it is. It can be either lost or damaged (if found). The loss causes great stress while taking up much of the carer's time searching for the hearing aid.

Meanwhile, the person is isolated as communication is limited. The high visibility of a Hear Ear® safety clip enables staff/carers to be immediately alerted to its absence.

Hospital Wards Trialled The Hearing Aid Securing Device

Many elderly people are admitted to hospitals where they move from bed to bed, bay to bay and ward to ward where their possessions do not always follow them. Hearing aids are frequently lost in this situation and are also lost in the bedding, never to be found. When a patient wears a Hear Ear® it is attached / detached to the clothing by the staff and is documented as to its location.

Hear Ear® is NHS Approved and is being used in NHS hospitals.

Active People Trialled our Hearing Aid Securing Clip

People who participate in rambling, sailing and football have trialled Hear Ear® and it has proved successful especially when they continually pull up a hood/hat. Previously their hearing aid has been flicked out during this action, never to be found.

Babies/Young children

As babies and young children frequently remove their hearing aid resulting in loss/damage, wearing a Hear Ear® enables their aid to remain on their clothing and is highly visible to the parent/carer when it is removed. It is safe for all ages as the plastic clip complies to EN 12586:2007 is non-toxic, has no metal contact parts and is easy to clean.


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